Welcome to the official website of KENLO & SCAFFA

We welcome you to our world of electronic dance music. Music is a passion and a home for us. After two years break we are happy to party with you again on legendary festivals like „Nature One“.

We thank our friends all over the world for their support.

Two artists - one passion

KENLO & SCAFFA live in the middle of Germany and inspire many hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners with their music.

It’s not just millions of streams and hundreds of shows that make this project what it is. It’s the passion that Kevin and Vito put into their art. The artists are living their dream of being a DJ and producer duo and loving every single moment. You can hear this love in their productions and see it in each of their live shows.

The period between 2020-2022 was not an easy one, as it was for many of her colleagues. It was the worst period of their careers for the artists. KENLO & SCAFFA are looking forward to tour together again from 2022. Festival like the legendary „Nature One“ are on the list again and a lot of new music was produced in the last two years.


sound of
the future

Follow us on Spotify, Deezer & Apple Music and never miss a new song again. Our sound ranges from slap house, bigroom and future rave to techno.

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